Kalli Kaldi (Joe Cool) - a very uniquely striking Black/White/Tan TRI male
"Joey" for short ;-)
Aunty Panda is proud of Rosie !!!

A very cute little puppy, complete with flying goggles and puppy kisses ...
He's very personable, very sweet, affectionate and the coolest looking puppy on the planet ! ;-)
Joey shows a lot of emotions with his ears and he is very egar to interact with you, with
lots of tail wagging and other signs of excitment. In essence, He's a ham.
He has loads of personality, probably more so than any other dog in this litter.
Joey is very people oriented. He pays more attention to people than most any
thing around him. In his coloration, the divisions are sharp. He is either
completely black or completely white.

Tan on both rear legs ....

My crime fighting pose .... WWI flying Ace ready for a mission ...

Little Joey, aka Joe Cool ...

Joey, "Taking pictures is hard work ... when's supper Chris?" ;-)

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