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Pondering the possibilities in the surf ... as the journey begins on the Icelandic coast

best to have a buddy ... on the journey

or several buddies ... on the long/stark/challenging Icelandic winter trek

but a journey well worth the effort with many rewards ...

"Now where has that person with the hay gone to!?!?!"

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Now that's a TOLT ... careful not to step on any trees!!! ;-) (© unknown)
Moli & his father Glampi were two of the highest steping stallions in Iceland.

Moli frá Skriðu - our mare Harpa was bred to him, see Mánadís frá LoneStar, "Young Ones".
Moli has now been evaluated and has recieved an 8.36 for talent, with a 9.5 for trot, a 9 for
tolt, spirit and general impressions, 8.5 for gallop.

More pictures of Moli near the bottom ....

The big boys ... (stallions) Stefnir and Tappi

Tappi fra LoneStar having a romp ...

Sjoli fra LoneStar flying ... age about two years.


They're called Ice-land-ic horses for more than just one reason.
That's ICE that Moli is being ridden on, with foot lift to his chest.

Thor & Moli at the Ice Tolt in Reykjavik. Moli has this natural high foot lift at all speeds.

We Texans can't even walk or drive on ice. Moli is flying on the ice with speed & grace!!! ;-)

In Iceland, they start early in their horse culture, both the horses and the children.
This mare is Moli's mother & little brother is getting a hug. :-)

Just hanging out together in a beautiful place. [ Trek -- Iceland, 2005 ]
... some good looking ... ahh ... croups ... :-)

... in her rather harsh native habitat, that long hair has a purpose ...

2004-Tappi ("little one", NOT :) whispers sweet secrets of love to Sæta ("sweet one").

Who needs eyes? ;-)

Picture above taken June 2006.

Krunur at four days ... "looking for me?" ;-) Brave little boy! :-)

Picture above taken June 1st, 2005

A good looking first prize mare ... sire: Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki

© Gunnar Arnarson

Jarl fra Midkrika, Team Norway, World Championships 2005, Sweden (© unknown)

More pictures of Moli frá Skriðu ... (© unknown)

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