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Sjóli frá LoneStar -aka- "the Duke"

Sjóli is out of Þra frá Akureyri and Tígull frá Gygjarhóli (1st Prize), arrived 5-26-07, a pretty dark red
bay (dark buckskin leather like) four gaited stallion.   This is a very well bred young stallion.
Grandsires: Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki & Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum (both 1st Prize).
Both of which also have Honor Prize for their offspring.   He also traces his lineage to the following
stallions/mares: Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ (Honor Prize), Sörli frá Sauðárkróki (Honor Prize),
Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (Honor Prize), Nattfari fra Ytra-Dalsgerdi (Honor Prize), Hörður frá Kolkuósi,
Hlynur frá Kirkjubæ, Stígandi frá Kolkuósi, Kolbakur frá Kolkuósi and
the Honor Prize mares: Terna frá Kirkjubæ & Siða frá Sauðárkróki.

Sjóli's lineage

Sjóli's father, Tígull, is one of the highest evaluated four gaited stallions in the world, 8.60 overall.
8.65 for conformation. 9.5 for tolt & trot. 9.0 for gallop, spirit, appearance under rider.
Like his sire, Sjóli is four gaited.   He is a quite promising young stallion.   He is worth close
consideration for any breeding program.   We started breeding with Sjóli at LoneStar in 2010.
Sjóli has a very attractive front end, including his chest, long raised arched neck, refined
head and rather pretty face.   His friendly personality and good temperament match his appearance.
Sjóli means: "king, duke".   The King may yet emerge, but the DUKE has definitely arrived!   ;-)
Sjóli is becoming a beautiful & powerful young stallion prospect.   His gaits are exceptional,
as his movements are very spacious (long & wide). This boy can literally prance & DANCE!  
He is for breeding, and is NOT for sale. He will have at least one foal born in 2011 & several in 2012.
Sjóli is available for breeding in Texas now, live cover only at this time.
Sjóli's first daughter (Stúlka) was born on 7/18/2011. Stúlka is a Bleikálóttur,
meaning a "light bay dun". She is very good looking! Stúlka is showing long & wide movements.
Sjóli's next offspring is a blood chestnuts. She looks very good and really like to move.
Both have brave personalites and are easy to approach. Þokka starts talking to me as soon as the back door opens.
Sjóli's third offspring is a filly (Sjöfn) out of Rut, one of my best mares. That now makes 3 fillies.

Sjöfn: Sjóli & Rut offspring's lineage

Notice how his back & croup muscles extends up well above his backbone ...
When at rest, his back is just about perfectly smooth, i.e. you can barely feel his back bone ...
In that regard, I'd say he has an excellent back, i.e. VERY STRONG. His conformation is exceptional.
Picture was taken at age 3.5 years. He is now over 12 years and much much stronger and bigger/wider!
But he is still a sweet boy! Tigull's conformation had 2 faults: slight ewe neck & cow hocked on rear legs.
Sjóli has a noticeable longer neck than Tigull and is not "ewe necked" & has good straight rear legs
(not cow hocked). So Sjóli's conformaiton score should be even higher.

Lone venturesome explorer ...

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Foals that we've had over the last few years have been sired by six different stallions (3 in Iceland):

- Tígull frá Gygjarhóli - 8.60, one of the highest evaluated four gaited stallions in the world, 9.5 for tolt & trot,...
- Sjóli frá LoneStar - son of Tígull frá Gygjarhóli
- Asi frá Kálfholti - strong 1st Prize Kolkuos breeding stallion, known to give very good movement.
      Asi has First Prize for Offspring.
- Moli frá Skriðu - with a 9.5 for trot, 9 for tolt, spirit, etc, with very high movements.
      Pictured to the right ... in tolt!!! ------------> (more pics under "Cute/Cool pics")
- Óskar frá Litla-Dal - a very powerful & well balanced 5 gaited stallion; 8.54 talent & conformation
- Stefnir frá Staðartungu-our 2nd Prize stallion, w/great temperament, good conformation & clean tolt
- Tangó frá Strandarhöfði - 8.55 for talent, a strong five gaited 1st Prize stallion
      Tangó's father has Honor Prize for Offspring.

<[[ So far, I'm very pleased with Stefnir's first offspring here at our farm. Blíða, Ræna, Esja
and Tjaldari are all looking very good, in regard to conformation, temperament
and movements. Tjaldari has demonstrated a clean tolt since his first day, inherited from Stefnir.
("j"s are pronounced like "y"s.    So it's "Esya" & "Tyaldari" & and "Syoli")

Thirteen new foals (see "Young Ones") born in 2007 - 2010.
All four fillies (07') and three foals (09') have either stars or moons on their forehead !
Two of the four (now mares) are for sale: Blíða and Ljúfa, see "Sales List".
Sjóli was born May, 2007 & Tjaldari was born in June, 2008 (both colts)
We had two beautiful fillies 2010. We expect to have four more foals in the summer of 2011 & 2012.

LoneStar  I celanðic H orse B reeðers: L ocateð near Georgetown, Texas, USA

Among all else, don't forget to follow your Passions ... life is short !!!

  • At LoneStar (USA Icelandic Horse Breeders), we breed quality Icelandic horses for the American market that attempt to achieve the best conformation, temperament and talent that is possible with the breeding stallions available to us. Quality gaits must be supported by quality conformation. Our breeding lines are predominately Sauðárkróki, Kolkuos, Kirkjubæ and the Honor Prize stallion Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (stallion 802), a very famous Icelandic breeding stallion. Most of our horses (including all of our pintos) trace thier linage back to Siða frá Sauðárkróki, the first Icelandic 1st Prize mare to have received Honor Prize for her offspring. The second mare to have received Honor Prize for her offspring was Siða's daughter (Hrafnhetta frá Sauðárkróki), to give some idea of the strength of Siða's genetics. We have two descendents of Hrafnhetta. A number of Siða's sons and grandsons also received Honor Prize for their offspring. This is an extremely stong breeding line. Siða was a black & white pinto, predominately black with white side panels. Siða means "side". Siða was the foundation mare that helped establish the Sauðárkróki breeding dynasty, which ultimately helped produce Orri frá Þúfu, the most famous breeding stallion in Iceland. I have a picture of Siða and her daughter Hervör on the "Mares" page below Sæta.

  • We are attempting to be one of the premier Icelandic horse breeding farms in the south central United States of America.

  • We currently have seven quality brood mares. We intend to several more mares from the best of our 2007, 2009 & 2010 foals once they are mature: Mánadís, Stássa, Miska, Esja, Prinsessa and Rún. All of these are quite impressive. We are a small breeding/sales operation and we have no intention of getting any larger. We have choosen quality over quantity. This is best for both us and our horses, given our resources.
    As someone once said, the best offspring come from the best breeding stock, "it's all in the genes."
    Most of our mares have been sired by 1st Prize & Honor Prize stallions, like:
         - Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki (HP)
         - Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum (HP)
         - Hilmir frá Sauðárkróki (9.5 for Flying Pace)
         - Markús frá Langholtsparti (1st Prize Offspring)
         - Galdur frá Sauðárkróki
         - the Kolkuos stallion - Rodull fra Akureyri, the son of Kristall frá Kolkuósi (9 for tolt)
    Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki is also the father of Tígull frá Gygjarhóli, one of the highest evaluated
       four gaited stallions in the world and the father of our stallion Sjóli frá LoneStar
    Future mares will have been sired by the 1st Prize stallions like:
         - Moli frá Skriðu (9-Tolt, 9.5-Trot)
         - Asi frá Kálfholti (Kolkuos, very strong breeding stallion))
         - Oskar frá Litla-Dal (8.5 for Tolt, Trot & Pace)
         - Tangó frá Strandarhöfði (some Kolkuos)

  • We have several registered Icelandic stallions that are capable of breeding good offspring (Sjóli is the best). All are sired from highly evaluated 1st Prize stallions.

  • Stefnir's father (Fengur frá Ibisholi) is a World Tolt Champion, known for the quality of his beat in tolt. Stefnir has just enough pace to have a very good clean tolt, even barefooted. Stefnir and his father were much more strong tolters, instead of being strong 4 or 5 gaited horses. Tolt is just Stefnir's gait. Stefnir predominately throws 5 gaited offspring regardless of the mare being 4 or 5 gaited, with well above average conformation.

  • Sjóli is the son of one of the highest evaluated four gaited stallions in the world, i.e. Tígull. Sjóli has become a beautiful large and powerful stallion. He has a lot of suspension in his trot, and he can cover a lot of ground in this gait as he is already very large and powerful for such a early age. What's more, this boy can literally dance! Sjóli appears to be four gaited, as are both of his parents. With Sjóli's very good conformation, movements and temperament, we think he would go with just about any mare, either four or five gaited. Sjóli would particularly complement mares that are either stiff or short backed. He has a refined build, with a muscular croup, a supple muscular back, a well raised long arched neck, very long legs and a long well proportioned body. His movements are very long and wide with high natural lift.

  • Give us a call at 512-943-9012 (central Texas)... best time is 2pm-7pm CT.

Joli and Ras - Working on the Spanish Walk

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Markus Mudflap Weight - (about 3" tall on the outside, about 5.5" at center)

"Hello Buddy" ... "Let the games begin!" ...

Picture was taken by Barbara Wheeler ... the horses are "American Bashkir Curlys".
Origin is most likely Russian & related to the "Lokai" breed of the Taijikistan region,
though crossed with wild horses including of Spanish origin, Morgans, etc & an Arab stallion.
They date back at least several hundred years in the American west, particularly Nevada,
known for their hardiness, toughness, sure footed, strong hooves, intelligence, exceptional
abilities as much as their curly hair.

True Horsepuppyship! (Colt is: Silver Fawkes, Friesian)

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