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Brazilian "BOSSA NOVA VIOLAO "3""

Wolfgang Dauner - Charlie Mariano -- "Meditation On A Landscape - Tagore"
R.Tagore was a multi-faceted Indian Intellictual, a bit younger than M.Gandi.

Joanna Brouk - "The Space Between"

Joanna Brouk - Healing Music - 02 Healing Music

Joanna Brouk - Healing Music - 01 Maggi's Flute

Justice Der - Covers 2 Collection [Slowed w/ Rain Sounds]

Baden Powell - Joao Pernambuco e o Sertao (2000)

What Child is This - Greensleeves - Don and Wendy Francisco, Jerry Palmer

Christmas Hymns - 3 Hours of Peaceful Christmas Guitar - Advent - Traditional Christmas Music