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Pictures of Panda & Laki's litter

The young dogs: (a boy) Ími(Wolfy), Galsi, Flotti, Bassi, (the girls) Skjóa and Sæta

I am motivated to find this young male dog a good home
but only to qualified caring buyers. We have lowered the prices on this dog
to just $200. He has been neutered.

Panda, aka "the Queen" ;-)
Registration #: AKC FSS DN14025201

Miss July ... Icelandic Sheepdog calender ... :-)

Registration #: AKC FSS DN13430202

Panda and Laki have both had their PennHip X-rays and CERF eye exams.
There are no issues with their eyes and they have very good to excellent hips.
The average of Panda & Laki's PennHip scores would be in the upper 0.30s, which
would put these puppies in the best range in regard to having excellent hips.
The mean hip score is 0.50. Lower score means tighter hips.

Laki has perhaps the tightest hips of any male in the US. His PennHip average is 0.29.

Be wary of breeders and/or organizations that breed with or promote dogs and/or
puppies from dogs above the median score of 0.50, or who don't PennHip certify
their breeding dogs. I don't understand this. If we are collectively trying
to improve the breed, then why use breeding dogs in the worst half of the range?

Click here to see Panda & Laki's hip/eye results.

Click here to read some of the history of the Icelandic Sheepdog.

Some pictures of Galsi and Ími(Wolfy)

Ími(Wolfy) is also a very intereting young male. He is the smartest dog of
the litter. He is sweet, a bit reserved, but is affectionate.
I'd say he's a bit sensitive, and somewhat needy. He really likes getting
your attention as in getting scratched, rubbed, stroked etc. Wolfy is very
atheletic. I put Ími and Sæta out together today and they ran around
the house about 8 times straight without stopping as they were enjoying runnning
so much. He can be much more calm inside.
He was the first pup to show that he can climb. He has a rather refined
but not delicate build. He loves to run and is lean and very fast. I'd
expect him to be around 31 lbs. He is not inclined to gain weight easily.
Wolfy is very athletic! He is not just fast, but very nimble. He jumps
over other dogs when it looks like a collision. :-) Wolfy is perhaps the
most graceful Icelandic Sheepdog that we have ever seen in his movements.
If he were an Icelandic horse, he would be first prize with very good lift!
Personality wise, Wolfy is not so brave with strangers, though he is quite
dominating with his brothers. Wolfy loves to play and run with his dad.
He taunts JoJo to chase him by bouncing up and down on his rear legs (alone),
which he loves. He also seems to like water to some degree. Wolfy has been neutered.

He is a black & white and is quite symmetrical.

Ími is not afraid of horses! ;-) He has small white spot on his back.

Ími is very much the son of Laki, as he can really move.

Ími is very pretty and very sweet.

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