LoneStar Icelandics (Icelandic Sheepdogs), of the site http://icelandichorse.us/

Pictures of Panda & Laki's litter

Panda, aka "the Queen" ;-)
Registration #: AKC FSS DN14025201

Miss July ... Icelandic Sheepdog calender ... :-)

Registration #: AKC FSS DN13430202

a 5 month old Audur's Laki, a most wonderfull/happy/sweet Puppy!

Panda and Laki have both had their PennHip X-rays and CERF eye exams.
There are no issues with their eyes and they have very good to excellent hips.
The average of Panda & Laki's PennHip scores would be in the upper 0.30s, which
would put these puppies in the best range in regard to having excellent hips.
The mean hip score is 0.50. Lower score means tighter hips.

Laki has perhaps the tightest hips of any male in the US. His PennHip average is 0.29.

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