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We have about 15 horses for sale: from broodmares to young mares to young stallions.
Not all are listed on our sales page. Call us for details.
Contact us for current status and pricing via email.
Prices subject to change without notice on this site, as I often forget
to update it for months on end. Though most all these horses are still available.
However, I do not remove any horses until they are paid for, which must occur
before they are picked up, i.e. all checks must clear.

For horse listed as untrained, their prices will go up once trained.

This page needs to be updated (on my to do list) ... please realize that

Sales list (12): G-Gelding, F-Filly, M-Mare, S-Stallion

1) M, 12yrs:
Blíða frá LoneStar - (very strong/powerful/fast dark dun mare with a small star & powerful movements, Fast, spirited), untrained

2) M, 12yrs: Ljúfa frá LoneStar - New PICs, a personable (sense of humor) chestnut dun Kolkuos mare w/ a large star & flaxen mane, 5 gaited. Spirited with fast gaits. untrained.

3) G, 11yrs: Tjaldari frá LoneStar Great horse for young folks, (well distributed 5 gaits) - an easy going, Very SWEET "naturally tolting" blood chestnut gelding w/blaze.

4) S, 10yrs: Lakotah frá LoneStar - very tall (14H 2.75" TALL!, long legged) fast active & attractive young 5 gaited pinto.
     Lakotah is also very good natured and easy to deal with on the ground.
     He is just 1.25" shy of 15 hands & could still grow some. Lakotah doesn't know the meaning of "fear".

5) M, 10yrs: Cheyenne frá LoneStar - New Pics. Very flashy/impressive large strong 5 gaited pinto mare. She is very attractive, as she is
     out of my best broodmare. She will make an excellent strong/powerful 5 gaited riding horse. And she is very Sane & Smart.

6) M, 9yrs: Ræna frá LoneStar very well bred Kolkuos mare, lean & muscular. untrained.

7) M, 8yrs; Stúlka frá LoneStar - very impressive young light bay dun mare, with excellent fluid movements.
     good looking and with very well suspended movements just like her father (not the norm), 4 gaited.

8) M, 8yrs; Orka♥ frá LoneStar - Black & White 5 gaited (naturally 5 gaited) pinto mare, very good
     conformation and lateral gaited movements. Orka is a powerful high stepping natural Tolter, as she Tolts most of the time. Practically never trots. Untrained.

9) M, 6yrs; Þokkadís frá LoneStar - High Quality Blood Chestnut filly, very good movements, excellent blood-lines/heredity.
Þokkadís is one of the best offspring we have ever bred & she is 100% out of our stock. Also with excellent fluid movements.
110 Conformation BLUP; 108 Talent BLUP (probably 4 gaited); Tolt: 108; Trot: 110; Gallop: 108; Spirit: 106; General Impressions: 109! She is beginning to show both her father & mother in her conformation & movements. Very solid strong flat back. Barely feel her backbone.

10) M, 17yrs: Sæta frá LoneStar - "Sæta" means 'sweet one' & she is & a trained Excellent mare (broodmare or not). Light Bay Dun. Sweet personality. Probably 5 gaited, but shows no pace or pacyness. Very upright/vertical when riden. Very light touch. It's like there is nothing in your hands. Very Low mileage.

11) M, 6 yrs; Sjöfn frá LoneStar - Very High Quality Beautiful Red Bay filly. Excellent! Daughter of Sjóli & a Kolkuos mare out of an Honor Prize stallion.
Very high/extended movements, excellent blood-lines/heredity. The Best we've ever had! She will end up looking much like DAD.
Calculated BLUP with current scores puts this foal at 107. Conformation of 108. Talent of 106. Tolt of 106.
[Competition potential, with very good conformation. ] Sometimes, everything comes together is a near perfect package: Sjöfn.

12) S, 7yrs; Gandálfur frá LoneStar - Sjóli's younger brother, out of our five gaited stallion Stefnir.
Very lateral in his movements and would expect him to be a "natural Tolter" like his father.
Confirmation is very good: lean build with a very long raised neck allowing a very natural vertical carriage,
which is very good for Tolt, much like his father & two grandfathers.

13) M, 24yrs; Ósk frá Árholti - Fully trained, 4 gaited mare. Light Bay Dun, very rare color.
     Ósk has a very good Tolt & Trot with above average lift. Very good ground manners. Low mileage.
     Strong healthy mare with a very good disposition. Could be bred before leaving.

14) M, 23yrs; Skrýtla frá Böðmóðsstöðum - Fully trained 4 gaited mare. B&W Pinto.
Quite healthy & rather strong & somewhat goey. High lifting mare. Needs little encouragement. Low mileage.

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2) Blíða frá LoneStar -- (could be bred to Sjóli)
After training, price will go way up.
She is a POWER House. Fast & Spirited

Ósk & Stefnir's offspring, April,2007: Blíða is a dark bay dun mare with a
small star Blíða is showing very good movements & has a unique dark dun color.
She is 8 years of real age & weighs around 800 lb. or more ...
Blíða is out of one of my best broodmares in regard to temperament and being
reliable. Blíða is well bred & well built. She is a VERY STRONG FAST stout mare.
Blíða can trace her ancestry to both Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (stallion 802), through
both Sire & Dam, and to Siða frá Sauðárkróki through Stefnir.
Blíða is quite personable, but not pushy. She will be quite forward going. Under herself
she can be down right fiery. I've seen her flying around smoothly at high speeds just in a paddock.
Blíða is currently at the top of the pecking order for the young mares. Currently
Blíða is showing very fast powerful movements, including fast fluid trot & fast tolt.
I would expect her to have broad speed range eventually. Though at the moment, she seems to
be in hyperdrive. I just found this out when I started working with her in late January of 2012.
In canter/gallop, she walks with her hind legs. So I expect that she will be five gaited like her father.
Blíða does not show a lot of lateral movement yet, but when she does, it's with a lot of power.
Interestingly, she appears to have a very fast powerful gaits. She has a very
fast trot and may go into tolt to go even faster and she can literally fly when she wants to. She has not
done this that often, but did it several times when I first worked her in the arena recently. I did not
work her long, but she never slowed down and I know that she is not in condition, which for her may not
matter with her. I think she will be a high spirited horse. She is a very attractive mare with a very nice
overall conformation & top line.
"Blíða" means warmth, mildness and/or love.
Picture below taken near her 4th birthday. Blíða is ready to start her initial training.
She will only be sold to good home.
You can best judge her color by the second picture. She has somewhat of a unique dark golden
color w/black-brown. She received "bay dun" from Ósk and the darkened color from Stefnir.
You can see more of the Dun in her by noting the smutty face (darker face) that most all duns have.
She also has a brown eel stripe that goes from her head to her crotch and even on her chest.
I think she would go exceedingly well by a breeding with Sjóli. Such an offspring would have
very good conformation (strong) and well above average talent, close to 13.3H

Blíða is an amazing mare, very powerful, well built. Not to be underestimated.

Blíða's lineage
download video file of Blíða

First picture is from Oct, 2016 ...

She has a powerful croup ... definately a dun .... you can see the lightness in her mane.

Sjóli, could be bred to either Blíða or Ljúfa (below)

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3) Kolkuos mare- Ljúfa frá LoneStar -- (could be bred to Sjóli)
Elja & Stefnir's offspring, 4-9-07: Ljúfa is a chestnut dun mare with a very
defined eel stripe, a flaxen/silverish mane, a large star and a small snip. A "snip"
means that she has a recessive "pinto gene" and if bred to a pinto stallion then a
pinto offspring is fairly likely. As her father is a pinto, this is not surprising.
She is 8 years old and weighs 800+ lb. In gallop, she walks with her hind
legs. She is 5 gaited like her mother & father. She appears to have a FAST
Tolt, but I have not seen a slow one yet or pace. She should have a very good gait distribution.
Ljúfa reminds me a lot of Sæta, always in the middle of the action & in motion.
She has a very active easy going personalty. Though in playing with other horses,
she can be fiery at times. She has the most developed sense of humor of any mare
that I've ever seen. Ljúfa means "mild & gentle one", which will come.
Ljúfa's mother, Elja is out of the Kolkuos line, pure Kolkuos & Svadastadir.
She traces her lineage to the following stallions/mare: Hörður frá Kolkuósi,
Lettir frá Kolkuósi, Stigandi frá Kolkuósi, Rauður frá Kolkuósi
Kristall frá Kolkuósi, Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, Fengur frá Ibisholi
and the famous first prize Honor mare Siða frá Sauðárkróki.
Mares from this old and well respected breeding line like this are very hard to find
these days. In my opinion, they are quite valuable as breeding stock due to their quality.
She is a very personable, responsive & perhaps willful. She is long legged & barrel chested.
Stefnir has a 8.5 for walk. Ljúfa's walk is at least that good. Her stride is long & extended,
but not rushed. Ljúfa is ready to start her initial training now. She is for sale, to a good home only.
She is still in her winter coat in this 1st picture & looks thicker & heavier than she really is.
I think she would go exceedingly well by a breeding with Sjóli.
She is really very good looking and a strong well built mare, close to 13.3H. She has strong withers.
No crupper will be needed on this mare. The saddle will NOT nove foreard, period.
You will literally LOVE this mare. Not an understatement. She is a pistol, but a smart one.
New pictures, starting with the 2nd one, on.
Ljúfa's lineage

She is a bit barrel chested (desireable), meaning good lung capaity.

"Did I show you my recent pedicure?"
Note: the high strong withers. The saddle will not move forward on her.

Note the steady eye ... a very sane mare.

She has a strong croup.

Note the bulging leg muscles.

Strong wide back.

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4) Tjaldari frá LoneStar -- Trained price will be higher.
After training, price will go up.
Tjaldari is an easy going young horse sired by our stallion, Stefnir and foaled by our mare Ósk.
Tjaldari can trace his ancestry to both Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (stallion 802) through
both Sire & Dam, and to Siða frá Sauðárkróki through our Stefnir.
This is a very nice young stout dark blood (RED) chestnut gelding with very nice conformation. He
is the most lateral moving offspring that we had yet seen out of either Stefnir or Ósk.
He has been tolting since day one. He is 5 gaited. Tjaldari has a well raised head/neck, attractive face
very broad back, nice shoulders and a 5 gaited croup.
"Tjaldari" is an ancient word from the 'Snorra-Edda' (1220ad) that means a 'tolting horse'.
T.J. is becoming a really very SWEET boy, typical of Osk's offspring.
TJ follows in the path of his father & his grandfather, in that his natural gait is tolt,
with a clean beat under any conditions, no shoes, out of shape etc ... seriously.
Real natural tolters are just not that common, from our experience. TJ is going to make an
exceptionally good riding horses with very smooth natural gaits. If you want a five gaited
pleasure horse, TJ would make a good friend. He has a VERY sweet personality and is not bothered by
much. First trailer loading took maybe 10 minutes, 2nd one less than 5 minutes.
He is for sale to the right home only. He is a full blood brother to Blíða (above).
Tjaldari's lineage

Picture was taken when TJ was 3 years of age ... he is now 6 years of age ... need better pics.

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5) Lakotah frá LoneStar -14H 2.75" TALL- $9,500
After training & gelding, price will go up.
Lakotah could very well be the TALLEST horse ever bred in the US.
And he could still grow some more, especially if gelded soon.
And he is naturally very well raised and not heavy on the front end.
He is very lateral in his movements naturally, as he takes after his
maternal grandfather, the First Prize Galdur fra Saudarkroki.

Harpa & Stefnir's pinto colt arrived, 6/9/09. Lakotah is very active and is very five gaited.
Lakotah is very brave and comes right up to us. He is a VERY TALL boy (14H) for his age, which is not
all that surprising considering Harpa is well over 14 hands. Lakotah is already about 14 hands & still growing
Lakotah has a rather striking appearance. He's predominately white with a black head/shoulders and tail,
with one black spot on his back, which will not show under saddle. Lakotah has a rather refined
build, with a refined well raised neck, an attractive head & face. Lakotah is a bit of a fireball.
He is rarely still and he is very FAST and very ACTIVE. He plays with Stefnir & Tjaldari constantly, at
times chasing them in a full gallop and/or pace. He is not sensitive. He is very active and is
absolutely fearless (even in dealing with mature stallions). Lakotah's grandfather was one of the hottest
stallions ever in Iceland. Lakotah is also very good natured and easy to deal with on the ground.
Note: that fence behind him is well over five feet tall. If you are looking for a tall, active, goey,
fast and quite attractive five gaited boy, then Lakotah would be a very good candidate. All these
characteristics in one horse is not the norm and a large fast 5 gaited male like this is highly
desirable by folks that enjoy quite a bit more excitement in their mount. Tall (long legged) horses
like Lakotah have a broader (faster) speed range than most Icelandics with shorter legs. I do not
expect to ever have another one like this
Lakotah is a good looking boy and is for sale to the right home only.
These are current 2015 pictures.
Lakotah's lineage

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6) Cheyenne frá LoneStar - High Quallity-- (Could be bred to Sjóli)
The pinto mare of Rut frá Litlagarði & Stefnir frá Staðartungu was born 2009.
She is predominately white with black markings, much like Lakotah. Cheyenne is a beautiful long
legged & a strong/stout mare. Cheyenne is quite active and is very five gaited. She has very good conformation
and movements. I would even say that Cheyenne is also a very attractive mare, especially her face & head.
Grandsires: Fengur frá Ibisholi and Markús frá Langholtsparti.
Markús has First Prize for offspring and Fengur is a World Tolt Champion.
Both of these stallions have a 9.0 for tolt!
She traces her lineage to the following Honor Prize stallions: Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ,
Orri frá Þúfu, Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, 1st Prize Otur frá Sauðárkróki
and the famous 1st Prize Honor mare Siða frá Sauðárkróki
(from which she traces her rather unique color).
Like her mother (Rut), Cheyenne is a very powerful broad chested & broad backed mare. She is the
largest of the 8 year olds. See Rut under "Mares". Rut is competition quality, and I'd expect Cheyenne
to follow suit with even more pace and natural lateral movements, typical of Stefnir's offspring.
Cheyenne is for sale to the right home only. She is ready to start her initial training now.
Cheyenne has an interesting white "queston mark" under her throat. She could be bred to Sjóli.
Cheyenne is a large strong mare already and probably the most tallented of five horses of 2009.
She is also the most dominate in that she runs around more than the other horses her age & gets
the other mares moving also. Her mother (Rut) is the most powerful horse on the farm. Not even
the stallions mess were her if she says not to. -)
Cheyenne's lineage

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Ræna frá LoneStar - Call for Price
Ræna is the very pretty mare of our Elja (Kolkuos/Svadastadir mare) and Stefnir, arrived 7/23/09.
She has a rather stout yet refined conformation & is quite active. She's a chestnut dun,
with a small star. I'm quite impressed with this mare, and wished that I could keep her to eventually
replace her mother as a broodmare from the Kolkuos line. I was so impressed with Ræna that I
decided to breed her mother (Elja) to a first prize stallion, for a foal in 2010: Rún. Ræna is
very flexible just like her full blood sister, Ljúfa, born in 2007.
She traces her lineage to the following stallions/mare: Hörður frá Kolkuósi,
Lettir frá Kolkuósi, Stigandi frá Kolkuósi, Rauður frá Kolkuósi
Kristall frá Kolkuósi (9 for tolt), Hrafn frá Holtsmúla, Fengur frá Ibisholi
and the famous first prize Honor mare Siða frá Sauðárkróki.
Ræna is an amazingly good looking mare with exceedingly good conformation,
with a long flaxen mane & an attractive face/head. At times, I just can't believe
that she looks so good. Ræna is 5 gaited, but often trots as she is somewhat trot concentric.
Meaning that her trot is rather dominate, like her mother & older sister.
Ræna's lineage

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Stúlka frá LoneStar -
The sweet filly of Ósk frá Árholti & our 4 gaited stallion, Sjóli frá LoneStar, 7/18/2011
Stúlka is the same color as Ósk. Technically, she is a Bleikálóttur, meaning a "light bay dun".
This is Ósk's first light bay dun filly since the birth of Sæta in 2002. Krunur was also a light bay dun.
I suspect that she will be 4 gaited, as are both of her parents. Stúlka is a very good looking large filly with
strong shoulders, long legs & with a refined raised neck & attractive head.
I would venture that this could be Ósk's offspring with the best conformation so far. All her offspring are
very good looking. Ósk has 2 offspring out of 1st prize stallions, but Stúlka may end up surprising.
After she sheds off her winter coat completely, hopefully some better pictures can be taken soon.
Stúlka is beginning to show movements very much like Sjóli, both very wide and long.
She moves like her father, who is an amazing young Icelandic stallion, who is very well bred!
She has a quite a bit of suspension in her trot, like Sjóli. Her mother also has a very powerful trot.
Stúlka is now near 2 years old and she is very good looking, with very good proportions, long lean neck
with a very refined/attractive head, very prominant strong shoulders, long legs & a very attractive dark golden color,
rather unique for my light bay duns. She is probably the best looking bay dun that I've ever had. Saying alot.
She is beginning to show typical Sjóli characteristics: very attractive and high suspension in movements.
If she is an average between her parents, I'd expect from above average to a high stepping horse.
While her foal pictures do no show this, she has a very long nicely raised neck and get better looking
every month. Stúlka is getting to be a very attractive mare, with an attractive head, neck, face & body.
Stúlka is for sale to the right home only. Her calculated BLUP is about 100, well above most American Icelandics.
She is looking so much better than she has in the past: 2015. More like her sister Saeta. Very good looking.
Could even be better than Saeta, which is saying quite a bit. At times, I have some difficulty telling them apart.
As they are together right now ... along with the other youngest mares ...
Stúlka is going to be a rather strong mare, like her mother. She has very fluid strong smooth movements.
She is very communicative with an opinion that she is going to tell you about. I think that Stúlka may
be a soprano. ;-)

Stúlka's lineage

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[ Note: pictures are often taken of young foals the day they're born or quickly thereafter. It normally
takes a week or two for their legs to straighten out after the confinement of the womb. Hocks can be a
bit too bent and pasternes not yet loosened up. Don't assume that this is their permanent conformation. ]

Orka♥ frá LoneStar -

The offspring of Skrýtla frá Böðmóðsstöðum and Stefnir frá Staðartungu arrived, 6/21/2011.
She is a black & white pinto, as are both of her parents. She has a large heart on both sides ... black
on a white background.
Ancestral Stallions & mares include: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (HP), Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtu (HP),
Ofeigur frá Hvanneyr (HP), Nattfari fra Ytra-Dalsgerdi (HP), Fengur frá Ibisholi and the Honor Prize (HP)
mare Siða frá Sauðárkróki. Both grandsires had a 9 for tolt and a 9 for General Impressions.
Orka has very good movements. She is five gaited, as she has inherited Stefnir's natural Tolt. She is filling
out very nicely but not yet free of her fuzzy winter coat. :-) More pictues when she sheds off better.
Orka appears to be more tolt concentric as she has matured. She also canters, but I'm not seeing any trot.
Orka is beginning to look more like her mother, a very Powerul High Stepping Mare.
Calculated Blup of near 100. Her proportions are improving with maturity. These pictures are at least a few
years old. As Orka is maturing, she is beginning to develop/show her mother's powerful croup.
Orka's lineage

Did I mention that Orka♥ (age 2) can move! ;-)
She usually tolts.

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Ósk frá Árholti -- Fully trained.
Ósk frá Árholti, a bay dun Icelandic mare, my first Icelandic mare, arrived in Texas 2001.
She's 13 hands 2 inches, about 19 years old, 4 gaited.
Ósk is a descendant of the very famous breeding stallion Hrafn frá Holtsmúla.
Ósk is producing some very nice offspring. I'm quite impressed with them. Ósk is
the very best mother and she really loves it and it shows.
Osk has a very good despostion. I often move her around with just my hand under her chin.
She has one of the most mature minds of any horse that I've been around ever.
Osk has very low mileage in the saddle due to her being a broodmare for years.
She has a very good tolt and trot, with above average lift. She is quite strong.

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Þokkadís frá LoneStar -- Pics coming. Call for Price.
Stássa has been bred to our Sjóli in 2011 for a foal in 2012. Confirmed pregnant.
This foal has been born, May 26th, 2012, i.e. Sjóli's birthday. It's a filly.
Stássa and Sjóli are two of the best looking Icelandic horses
that I've ever seen. This young filly is named Þokkadís, i.e. Goddess of Beauthy.

Þokkadís is already showing some very typical Sjóli characteristics.
You can not feel her back bone as the muscles around her back are so developed
and strong. She is actually more advanced than Sjóli was at this age.
She is going to be a strong mare, though she is not all that tall.
So probably better suited to a smaller/lighter rider. She is a sweet girl.

First Prize Grandsires: Tígull frá Gygjarhóli and Asi frá Kálfholti (Kolkuos)
In addition Þokkadís traces her lineage to the following stallions/mares: Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ (Honor Prize=HP)
Sörli frá Sauðárkróki (HP), Nattfari fra Ytra-Dalsgerdi (HP), Hlynur frá Báreksstöðum (1st Prize),
Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (Honor Prize), Ófeigur frá Flugumýri (Honor Prize),
Hlynur frá Kirkjubæ, Hörður frá Kolkuósi, Stígandi frá Kolkuósi, Kolbakur frá Kolkuósi,
Lettir frá Kolkuósi, Rauður frá Kolkuósi, Snæfaxi frá Kirkjubæ
Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum, Markús frá Langholtsparti (son of Orri frá Þúfu-Honor Prize)
(Markús and Asi frá Kálfholti both have First Prize for offspring)
and the Honor Prize mares: Terna frá Kirkjubæ & Siða frá Sauðárkróki.
Sjóli's father, Tígull, is one of the highest evaluated four gaited stallion in the world,
8.60 overall. 8.65 for conformation. 9.5 for tolt & trot. 9.0 for gallop, spirit, appearance under rider.

Lineage of Sjóli & Stássa's offspring: Þokkadís
110 Conformation BLUP, 108 Talent BLUP (probably 4 gaited)
Tolt: 108, Trot: 110, Gallop: 108, Spirit: 106, General Impressions: 109!

I would not expect Þokkadís to be a tall mare, probably not above 13H.
But I would expect her to be very broad & stout, like her mother.
Þokkadís should be competition quality as this is within her bloodline
and she shows very flashy movements, as is typical of her mother, father & grandsires.
Þokkadís will only be sold to a good home. This is a very good looking filly.

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[ Note: pictures are often taken of young foals the day they're born or quickly thereafter. It normally
takes a week or two for their legs to straighten out after the confinement of the womb. Hocks can be a
bit too bent and pasternes not yet loosened up. Don't assume that this is their permanent conformation. ]

We do not normally sell horses until they are at least a year of age. Just so you'll know.

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Sæta frá LoneStar -- $9,000
Sæta means: "sweet one", and she is completely self-named.
Sæta, daughter of Ósk & Hilmir fra Sauðárkróki. She has good
conformation, disposition and a lot of personality and fairly good suspension
in her gaits. She can be rather energetic.
With people, she is quite personable & sweet. (Hilmir is pictured below.)
The color of all our bay duns are like buckskin, which is somewhat rare in Icelandics.

She has had two wonderful offspring: Prinsessa (huge) & (light bay dun) Little Tangó (still a stallion).
Sæta's lineage
Sæta's BLUP
Sæta has completed her initial gait training. She is very soft in the mouth, has a soft back & rather
forward going. She naturally holds herself very upright and there is like nothing in the rider's hands.

Sæta was bred to Tangó frá Strandarhöfði, a first prize 5 gaited
stallion and foaled in May of 2010.
Princessa arrived May 6th, 2010. She is such an awesome foal that we re-breed
Sæta to Tangó frá Strandarhöfði for a 2011 foal. See Litli-Tangó.

These were taken June, 2005, at almost three years of age.

Totally Airborne. This girl can fly! :-) She can drive from the rear end quite well ...

June, 2005

Sæta at almost four years of age, June 2006. She was four in early July, 2006.
Sæta has been through her initial training and completed gait training the summer of 2009.

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Sjöfn frá LoneStar - Call for price (expensive).
Calculated BLUP with current scores puts this foal at 107. Conformation of 108. Talent of 106. Tolt of 106.
This is one GOOD looking little mare. Look at those shoulders. This is a very well bred Icelandic!
After Sjöfn first outing running around in the pasture ... day five and not yet coordinated:
Sjöfn moves like Sjóli or even better (especially at this age) showing very extended long & wide high movements.
Exceptional horses like Sjöfn do not come along that often.
She may even be the best horse that we have ever bred. Her neck naturally is almost verticle.
Sjöfn is very friendly and personable. She follows me around, though she has never
even been haltered to date.

Lineage of Sjöfn frá LoneStar

Sjöfn is For Sale. She is high lifting and very well bred.

Sjöfn's back hooves are standing on a large rock outcropping. She is not that high in the rear.
She is at least a foot and a half behind that tree, which is not affecting her head carriage.
She naturally has a very raised neck/head. Look at the slope of that shoulder. In tolt, she should
be almost completely verticle, similar to Markus & Tigull, her grandfathers, who have 9 & 9.5
for tolt. Rarely, everything just seems to come together and a horse that is almost
perfect results. So far, Sjöfn appears to be one of those rare horses.
Sjöfn's mother Rut is 5 gaited. Her father, Sjóli, is 4 gaited. Sjöfn shows tolt with high lift
and trot with high suspension, just like her father.
Sjöfn is For Sale. With her high lifting, excellent conformation & strong lineage, she is high quality.
She will be a darker bay than her foal pictures indicate, probably a lot like Sjóli.
Her foal coat is darkening. This is typical of Icelandic youngsters. She has darkened like Sjóli.
She is significantly better looking than Sjóli at this age, which is saying alot.
She has a beautiful face/head with very strong shoulders & back.

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Gandálfur frá LoneStar -
Þrá frá Akureyri was breed to our Stefnir for a 2012 foal. Þrá should have foaled 1st.
That pinto colt finally arrived: May 28th, 2012 (Memorial Day). And this boy is huge!
This young colt was so TALL that he had trouble getting down far enough to nurse.
Gandálfur is mostly black with small white side panels that join over his withers.
He has a small white patch around his white tail, which will have a black core in the middle.
He has three white stockings of various length, though all feet are white. His conformation
is very good (105). This is the best looking offspring that Stefnir has produced, which is saying
a lot. We have some very good looking young mares out of him, but Gandálfur may be the best.
He has a very long raised neck with an overall lean body build. Gandálfur is 5 gaited and
has Stefnir's natural Tolt. Þrá has out done herself again, though Þrá is a very
high quality mare. By the way Gandálfur is quite engaging, friendly and has lots of personality.
Picture below taken at a few months of age. Now he is 4.5 years old, so pics out of date.
He's one good looking boy. Very tall, very lean and very lateral in his movements.
Gandálfur moves very much like I think his grandfather moved, very lateral, tolt oriented.
Gandálfur has rather lean/refined build and should be a perfect horse for someone on the lighter side.
Will try and update this old picture soon, after it dries out again ...
Lineage of Gandálfur

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Skrýtla frá Böðmóðsstöðum - For Sale
Skrýtla frá Böðmóðsstöðum is a very talented mare.
Her sire had a 9 for tolt, gallop & general impressions. She is a power house!
You want to go faster? Just let out a little rein.
You never have need of either leg or crop.
Skrýtla has a lineage much like Stefnir and few of my other horses.
Her paternal grandfather is the descendant of Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (stallion 802), through
Kolfinnur from Kjarnholtum I. Both of these stallions have Honor Prize for their offspring.
Her paternal grandmother is the descendant of Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði, the son
of Sorli frá Sauðárkróki, a son of Siða frá Sauðárkróki,
all three of which also have Honor Prize for their offspring.
Skrýtla has been bred to Stefnir for a 2011 foal.
Skrýtla's foal, Orka♥, arrived in June 21st, 2011. She is a precious tolting 5 gaited pinto filly.

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