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Sjóli frá LoneStar -aka- "the Duke"

Sjóli is out of Þra frá Akureyri and Tígull frá Gygjarhóli (1st Prize), arrived 5-26-07, a pretty dark red
bay (dark buckskin leather like) four gaited stallion.   This is a very well bred young stallion.
Grandsires: Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki & Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum (both 1st Prize).
Both of which also have Honor Prize for their offspring.   He also traces his lineage to the following
stallions/mares: Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ (Honor Prize), Sörli frá Sauðárkróki (Honor Prize),
Hrafn frá Holtsmúla (Honor Prize), Nattfari fra Ytra-Dalsgerdi (Honor Prize), Hörður frá Kolkuósi,
Hlynur frá Kirkjubæ, Stígandi frá Kolkuósi, Kolbakur frá Kolkuósi and
the Honor Prize mares: Terna frá Kirkjubæ & Siða frá Sauðárkróki.

Sjóli's lineage

Sjóli's father, Tígull, is one of the highest evaluated four gaited stallions in the world, 8.60 overall.
8.65 for conformation. 9.5 for tolt & trot. 9.0 for gallop, spirit, appearance under rider.
Like his sire, Sjóli is four gaited.   He is a quite promising young stallion.   He is worth close
consideration for any breeding program.   We started breeding with Sjóli at LoneStar in 2010.
Sjóli has a very attractive front end, including his chest, long raised arched neck, refined
head and rather pretty face.   His friendly personality and good temperament match his appearance.
Sjóli means: "king, duke".   The King may yet emerge, but the DUKE has definitely arrived!   ;-)
Sjóli is becoming a beautiful & powerful young stallion prospect.   His gaits are exceptional,
as his movements are very spacious (long & wide). This boy can literally prance & DANCE!  
He is for breeding, and is NOT for sale. He will have at least one foal born in 2011 & several in 2012.
Sjóli is available for breeding in Texas now, live cover only at this time.
Sjóli's first daughter (Stúlka) was born on 7/18/2011. Stúlka is a Bleikálóttur,
meaning a "light bay dun". She is very good looking! Stúlka is showing long & wide movements.
Sjóli's next offspring is a blood chestnut, which looks very good and really likes to move.
She has a brave personalites and are easy to approach. Þokka starts talking to me as soon as the back door opens.
Sjóli's next offspring was a dark bay filly out of Rut, one of my best mares. Sjöfn is the
best looking young horse ever produced at LoneStar so far. She has the best qualities of both of her parents.

Sjöfn: Sjóli & Rut offspring's lineage

Notice how his back & croup muscles extends up well above his backbone ...
When at rest, his back is just about perfectly smooth, i.e. you can barely feel his back bone ...
In that regard, I'd say he has an excellent back, i.e. VERY STRONG. His conformation is exceptional,
but as always, there is no perfectly built horse ... "the potter always creates a blemish to draw
attention to some point". Picture was taken at age 3.5 years. He is now around 12 years and much much
stronger and bigger/wider! Tigull's conformation had 2 faults: slight ewe neck & cow hocked on rear legs.
Sjóli has a noticeable longer neck than Tigull and is not "ewe necked" & has good straight rear legs
(not cow hocked). So Sjóli's conformaiton score should be even higher.

Sjóli's father, Tígull, has an 8.65 for conformation. Both are powerful but not heavy.
Pictures of Tígull can be seen under "Mares & Breeding Stallions".

Sjöfn frá LoneStar - Sjóli's daugher
Rut frá Litlagarði was bred to our Sjóli frá LoneStar for a foal in 2014.
Sjöfn arrived April, 29th 2014. She was born around supper time and she's a red bay like Sjóli..
Calculated BLUP with current scores puts this foal at 107. Conformation of 108. Talent of 106. Tolt of 106.
This is one GOOD looking little filly. Look at those shoulders. She also is going to have her father's very
muscular back. You can barely even feel Sjóli's backbone and Sjóli's appears to be exactly the same.
This is one very good looking Icelandic!
After Sjöfn & Rut's first outing running around in the pasture ... day five and not yet coordinated:
Sjöfn moves like Sjoli or even better (especially at this age) showing very extended long & wide high movements.
Her first day out in the pasture was very impressive!

Both Stassa and her mother (Rut) both have had foals out of our Sjóli.

Lineage of the foal of Sjóli fra LoneStar & Rut fra Litla-Gardi

Sjöfn will eventually be For Sale. Sjöfn's mother Rut is 5 gaited. Her father,
Sjóli, is 4 gaited. Sjöfn shows tolt with high lift and trot with high suspension,
just like her father. Sjöfn is For Sale. With her high lifting, excellent conformation &
strong lineage, she is high quality. Ask for her current price.

Sjöfn's back hooves are standing on a large rock outcropping. She is not that high in the rear.

Tígull frá Gygjarhóli - Sjóli's father
Tígull is a four gaited stallion, with an overall score of 8.6. He is sired by Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki.
Tígull is one of the highest evaluated four gaited Icelandic stallions in the world.

Our mare Þrá frá Akureyri was bred to Tígull in 2006. See Sjóli under "Young Ones".

Thordur and Tígull

Tigull is very strong and very well built!    Sjóli, his son, is showing the same characteristics.

Conformation: 8,65
Head: 9,0
Neck/Shoulder: 8.5 (slight ewe neck)
Back/Croup: 9.0
Proportions: 9.0
Leg Quality: 9.0
Correctness of joints: 7.0 (cow hocked & toed out-rear)
Hooves: 8.5
Mane & Tail: 9.0

Talent: 8.56
Tolt: 9.5
Trot: 9.5
Pace: 5.0 (four gaited)
Gallop: 9.0
Temperament: 9.0
Appearance under rider: 9.0
Walk: 8.0
Slow tolt: 8.5
Canter: 7.5

Total score: 8.60

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Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum - Sjóli's grandfather
This is a first prize stallion that has Honor Prize for his offspring.
Stígur is out of quite famous parents. His father is Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði,
the son of Sörli frá Sauðárkróki, a son of Siða frá Sauðárkróki,
all of which have Honor Prize for their offspring.
His mother is Terna frá Kirkjubæ. Both of which had many impressive offspring.
All of these stallions and mares have Honor Prize for their offspring.
Terna is the daughter of Hlynur frá Kirkjubæ, a brother of Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ.
Terna also foaled the stallion Tofri frá Kjartanstöðum. Stígur is the father of
the very famous & talented Honor Prize stallion Óður frá Brun, great grandfather of
our Litli-Tangó & Prinsessa. Stígur is also the father of our Þrá frá Akureyri.

Stígandi frá Sauðárkróki - Sjóli's grandfather
Tigull's and Gyðja's sire, who was first prize & has Honor Prize for his offspring.
Stígandi was sired by Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ, a very famous breeding stallion.
Þáttur also has Honor Prize for his offspring.

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