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We have both used Icelandic Saddles & New Herm Sprenger 3 piece French loose ring Snaffle bits in 4.5".
Most Icelandic horses have mouths that are less than 4.25". 4.5" is the smallest quality bit,
that we know of. 4.75" bits can be rather loose and move around too much in the horse's mouth
unless your horse has a wider mouth. Measure it.
Contact us via email for current status and pricing.

Please understand that we are in the horse business, not the saddle business.
If you want to buy a used saddle from the list below, please contact us. If you just
want to try out saddles, please contact a New Icelandic saddle reseller.
Most Hesturinn saddles use the same tree. So if you can find a saddle locally,
try it out. The tree is most likely the same as that used for the saddles that we
have for sale. Occassionlly, we pickup used saddles, so that folks have a less
expensive option than buying a new $3-4K saddle, but when we're expected to ship
these out and then restock them, then it's not worth our time for what little we make.
If you need these services, then perhaps you might need to buy a NEW saddle.

Everyone that has bought one of our used saddles has been VERY happy. :-)
We have had NO complaints from any folks that have acquired any of these used saddles.
I suspect all Hesturinn saddles use the same tree. So if you have access to any of
these saddles, you can test it on your horse for a fit. If the saddle doesn't fit
perfectly, consider shimming it, as horsemen have done for centuries.
All payments must be in the form of USPS Money Orders.
All saddles sold "as is", so ask questions beforehand. We don't send saddles out for
testing. Please come here if you want to test a saddle. Thank you.
These saddles will fit any average adult. If not average, ask.
Some will fit large adults.

Handmade Icelandic Skagfjord/Hesturinn 3 billet dressage like saddles, below:
Saddles only. Leathers, stirrups, girths etc not included.

Prices do NOT including cost of Boxing or FEDX Express ground shipping.

0) Best Handmade Hesturinn saddle that I have left is a Galdur in like NEW condition: Price: $1350 (Will NOT last long)
Pics coming

0.1) Also have a used Astund saddle for sale, Good for short backed horses. $600

1) SOLD:
Skagfjord very rare - $900 - 18" --SOLD--
2) De Luxe: close contact saddle (not quilted) -- SOLD
3) Svadi, used -- (SOLD) --

4) Sold: Floki, barely used, VERY Rare I have a treeless Floki in excellent conition. Shows almost NO use. -- $900
This is one of the rarest of all Hesturinn saddles, especially in this exceptional condition.

5) Available: one Galdur (in new condition, color is dark brown, not shown) - $1,350.
This saddle is the same size underneath as most all Hesturinn saddles (medium tree). What is different about the Galdur is that the seat is wider, for either a large man or
women with broader hips that find other saddles to be too narrow. There were 3 saddles
in this series. Svadi was the middle saddle in width & Galdur was the wider of the 3.
Pictures are coming.

We also have some new Herb Sprenger Ultra KK Conrad loose ring 3 piece Snaffle Bits in 4 1/2", which
they stopped importing years ago to the best of our knowledge. Sweet metal Aurigan metal mouth pieces.
With 55mm rings. $125.00. Shipping is not included in these prices.

These are hand made saddles in Iceland by Icelandic saddles makers in a small shop in northern Iceland just for the Icelandic horse and for regular Icelandic folks. These are not generally sold out of Iceland as this small saddle shop is not particularly multilingual. Current prices on saddles from this shop are roughly $2,500+. Generally these saddles are a bit narrow and flat, and are considered close contact saddles. The saddles that are not quilted are even more so. If you want to get the most out of your Icelandic horse, I recommend these handmade saddles over the mass produced factory saddles, that are much more common place today.

I have other Skagfjord/Hesturinn saddles (Galdur, etc), see below.
If you are looking for a particular Skagfjord/Hesturinn saddle and do not see it, ask ...

Of the three Hesturinn saddles of this series: Gull, Svadi & Galdur, the Gull has the narrow/shorter seat,
Svadi is the middle sized seat, and the Galdur is the wider/longer seat.
All three saddles have the same size tree. Only the top side of the saddle is different.

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NOTE: I have only one of these Floki saddles for sale. $900

The Floki is in Excellent condition. They are no longer made, this is an
rare opportunity to acquire a very unique saddle in this condition.
These are excellent saddles for getting the best TOLT from your horse.
If you know what to look for, this saddle shows minimal use. You will NOT
find another Floki in this condition. If you look at the billets, you will
see very minimal indentation, meaning very little use.
These are very close contact saddles. They're also quite rare and unlike most other flexible treed saddles.

As the channel is narrow (no choice with a plastic tree), I would recommend this for a horse
with a rounded strong back (no back bone sticking up ... barrel backed is best).

I do not recommend these saddles for heavier people unless you have the right horse
(200+, as it concentrates your weight on the horses back to a smaller area than with a
treed saddle. But then you know your horse better than I do.
It also requires very good balance as you do not have a wooden supported cantel behind you holding
you on. But if you have good balance (can really ride) and are of average weight, you'll love this
saddle and so will your horse as it weighs next to nothing.

While these saddles are well padded, you will really feel your horse's movements better than with any other saddle.
As this saddle allows much more freedom of movement, your horse should tolt noticeably better.

From this one owner of these saddle, "I love the Floki. My boy is tolting like a monster.
It actually brings tears to my eyes LOL." J.D.

These saddles have not been made in many years and will never be made again .... too bad!!!

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One lightly used handmade Skagfjord/Hesturinn "Skagfjord" Icelandic saddle for sale: $900 -- SOLD --

This saddle seems to have the saddle dip slightly more forward than the Svadi & Gull, enabling
a more classic dressage seat, an excellent feature.

An rare saddle in good condition! A good value.

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