Snærefur (Snow Fox) - Sable/White/Black PIED male
A very sweet little Sable & White MALE puppy, ... nicknamed "Fox"
quite affectionate, hard to take pictures of as he comes to you.
Rather laid back compared to Lukka, but very personable, friendly and affectionate.
Fox is definitely a playful face licker ... ;-)
Fox is very much into play, not into whos the top dog, i.e. better to have fun.
He turned more reddish as time went on ...
He's one of two larger males in this litter, and was so from the beginning.

The look of ancient wisdom ... Yoda

Thats funny Chris, as I'm only a few weeks old!!! :-)

Very expressive ....

I'm looking for you! ;-)

This is my NFL three point ...

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