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Published on Mar 15, 2013
Margrit Coates "Animal Communicator and Healer" with Essy - a Thoroughbred gelding. A moving tribute to uncovering our horses' needs, and the wisdom they wait to share with us when we pause, listen and truly seek to understand them.

WATCH --> Youtube video: "Margrit Coates Connecting with a horse called Essy"

Essy's messages to us Humans. Essy is an older/wiser (21 years) thoroughbred gelding, who is past being ridden due to his injuries.

Essy talks about how his relationship (as a foal) with his mother was interfered with by people & stopped abruptly. He was roughly handled by people and never understood what was expected from him.

[I think the later issue can be a big problem for some young horses. People can lack the necessary patience to take the time necessary to work with a young horse slowly and keep them within their comfort zone. It's not that young horses do not want to comply, but that they just do not understand what humans want from them.]

1. "People should understand the important relationships foals have with their mares (mothers) & other horses and stop interfering with that & stop cutting such important relationships short."

The spirit of Essy's mother is present with him as he receives this profound healing therapy and speaks his wisdom.

[ Merely offering this as a consideration, I rarely ever separate foals & their mothers until well after a year of age,
with few excetions (very studly colt, which happens but it's not the norm).]

2. "Healing touch is peace!" "Humans have a gap in their awareness of understanding horses." (Understatement!)

Essy shares the following memory from his birth, "he was born under a rainbow".

[As I've help deliver quite a few foals, even helping them out of their moms (making it easier on her), they are very aware (wide awake) during this process. This just reinforces that they have VERY long detailed memories. They forget near nothing, as they are so much in the moment at all times.]

[Interestingly, one of my mares laid down in front of me early one evening & immediately started having her foals right then/there as if asking me for help. I helped that filly out, making it easier for the mare. Years later, that filly, now a pregnant mare, did exactly the same thing, as she had remembered me helping her out of her mother on her birth day & I did the same for her foal the day she gave her bith, another filly.]

Margrit is conveying Essy's thoughts to his owner. And she explains to Essy's owner that "horses can see the future & when people say 'what a load of rubbish' ... at that moment, Essy responds with a release in agreement that horses see the future.

[They are NOT the only animals around us that can do this. I know of an example where a dog conveyed future events (a year or more before they occurred) to their owner through a communicator. The dog was in it's last year and told it's owner that they will not be around when this occurs, and that all came to pass. The owner & dog were in India. The communicator was not.]

3. "People aren't listening". Essy wants people to move away from having (prior) agendas with their horses - (but) to listen instead. "Listening is Reality. Peace is Reality".

4. "Horses know what it is (that) people do: think & feel". There are NO secrets from them.

In Essy's very relaxed state as he receives this healing treatment ... Essy passes on further knowledge about what horses Need from humans.

5. "Horses want to be FREE". Humans need to understand that horses want to be set free. Essy explains what "Free" means (to a horse) ... "to be free from Slavery, from over work, the wrong sort (kind) of work, from being without their friends, from pain, domination and bullying".

6. "Horses will be our partners but in a different way, with equality and respect not 'systems & methods'" [that people so often use as a substitute when they know so little but use/substitute pseudo-methods/agendas instead of relying on real knowledge & real respect].

The Communicator tells Essy that "your messages have been heard and you (horses) are the messengers", at which point Essy raises his head high as in a deep moving elation.

Watch the video above, as it's very moving.

My comments are within "[", "]" & "(", ")".

Note: that the ability to communicate with animals and the ability to focus/direct healing energy
are two completely different skills & abilities. It seems that most communicators do not have this
healing ability. This is a much more rare ability. This woman has both skills. I think she is only
the second woman that I've run across that have both.

After you watch this video, you might be wondering where Essy's licking came from. After looking
into this, I found that Magrit just had surgery on her hand(s) and the bandages had just been removed
very recently (within a day or so) and she was in some pain. Essy appears to have sensed this and licked
her hands as to sooth them. Essy also stated that he understood the process of healing that he was
undergoing, but to the best of their knowledge, Essy had never experienced this before or communicated
through a communicator. This indicates that we have NO idea what knowledge base that horses share between
themselves and they do communicate quite well between themselves. This form of communication is telepathic
and deals with images to a high degree. The Communicator is interpreting (choosing words), so they many not
be exactly as precise as they could be as this is a subjective endeavor. I'll try to find a video where a
communicator discuses this process.

"I encourage you to have a healthy cynicism (concerning what's considered "common" knowledge,
which is rarely "Real" knowledge).

To believe nothing (without real evidence) and am prepared to believe anything (with real evidence).

Above all else, do not go the way others do just because its the norm (often an unexamined path of mediocrity)"

Words from Essy's owner, who learned this from her transformed Vet into a homeopathic Vet.

Notes to myself about issues to discuss: Italian Physicist

From the world's greatest sleuth.

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead
of theories to suit facts."

-- Sherlock Holmes, in "A Scandal in Bohemia" (1891)
(the best example of the 'Scientific Principle' ever stated/demonstrated!)

[I'll be adding what I think that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was telling us in this concise statement,
as the full content of that is NOT any where near being brief. This has at it's core the relationship
between "Being" (ideas, theories, forms) & "being" (data, the world as it is/exists around us independent
of our ideas/actions), the proverbial dichotomy between Plato & Aristotle, which was resolved by the
German Philosopher, Martin Heidegger, in his pivotal work "Being & Time (1927).]

(This is very relevant as it formulates how we arrive at what we call "Knowledge of Reality" and how we
substantiate that "Knowledge of Reality". Any viable/relevant Theory/Knowledge must be able to account
for any/all Known relevant/substantiated facts. In common practice, this Methodology is "Rarely if Ever"
followed, actualized or instantiated.)

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data(being).
Insensibly one begins to twist facts(being) to suit theories(Being), instead
of (formulating) theories(Being) to suit facts(being)."

More will be added in time, but this is a good intro into what horses really are,
which is way more than most of us are aware of (which includes "spiritual beings").

Now Essy has been set Free and he dances & prances in a heavenly band,
with his spirit unbound and on silver wings, manes & tails flowing as they gallop
through time. They were never yours or mine to keep, but when our time is up,
they'll come & show us the way ... and you'll hear their soft nickers in your ear.

But, Please
NEVER forget Essy's words of Wisdom & Hope for ALL Horses and Mankind,
Equal partners for ALL time.

Essy has set both the Standard & the Criteria for evaluating ANY Training method,
Riding method, Tack, Practice or Event whatsoever, at a minimum.

I mentioned Mia Nielson's training methods on my web site recently as I find her to be
one of the more gentle trainers that I've run across, not that her techniques could not be
even more gentle, with your imagination & patience. Let me convey that she has the common
opinion that horses have a brain the size of a Walnut. This belief is what I'd call "common
knowledge", which is in FACT, NOT true. I researched this and am looking at the size of a
number of animal brains. A small cat has a brain about the size of a Walnut.
The size of a average sized horse's brain is about 7" tall by 5" wide by about 2+" thick.
That is hardly the size of a Walnut. I've studied brain/mind biology & theories of their
relationship for well over 45 years. Many believe that the brain is the basis of the mind
and is the mind's interface to the body, but the mind is NOT limited to the brain and may
not be fully contained within it. The human brain & nervous system is chemically electrical.
Magnetism is the necessary consequence of any/all electrical currents. It's the belief that
the mind & magnetism are related. As we learned from the "Philadelphia Experiment", the human
mind & the earth's magnetic field are linked and if that linkage is significantly interfered
with or broken, the mind has some very significant problems, which result in mental aberrations
that appear to induce significant delusions. There is no reason to believe that the mind/brain
relationship of Horses & other similar animals are any different than that of humans. We are
all linked to the energies of this planet. Man's dependence on and domination by both spoken
"language" and mental abstraction (enhanced by a lengthy education) has both limited man's ability
to utilize his latent psychic abilities and has separated him from the world of nature, which is
somewhat unique to mankind, but not exclusive to him alone. Most Animals do NOT have this
Limitation & false separation. They live in and understand the continuous flow of energy
between & all around us. And within that flow, they can communicate with each other.
It is just man that has (in part) separated himself from the rest of the mammals on this planet
and from the planet itself, being constantly contained in his houses, cars, etc ... inhabiting
mostly just the abstractions within his own mind & his immediate senses of that which is very
close at hand. Obviously, not all people have suffered the consequences of the separation. For
what ever reasons, a small subset of humans perceive &/or utilize this energy to their benefit. Within
this subset, we find both Animal communicators and some smaller number of energy healers (though
this appears to be a much smaller subset).

Animal Communicator, Lauren Wingate talks of these energies. But not all communicators fully
understand the gift that they've received. Some seem to have just happened into this by the
circumstances of their lives. The first two communicators that I learned of were both young girls
that due to circumstances had very limited family structure/interaction either due to being adopted
or from divorce and sought & found solace with animals. In time (perhaps in adulthood) they began to
received the images from their companion animals and developed this skill by circumstances, not by prior
intent, as they had no such knowledge about it or inhibitions against it. As they viewed their companions
as intelligent beings, the images from them just happened & developed over time. (see video below)
And so far, every communicator that I've run across so far has been a woman. Men & women have different
brains and do not think or deal with their surroundings in the same way. Women excel at communication,
and can be much more in the moment than males, particularly as both get older. Men have a greater
tendency towards analytics and existing within abstractions within their own mind, which by the way
is how the human mind generally works when in near continuous activity & spacial movement, moving
through a continuous sequence of abstractions/mental-context, one after another. "Cogito, ergo sum",
'I think therefore I am' -- Rene Descarte (1637), French Philosopher. There are other criteria for
being & determining our capacities than just "thinking" alone. There appears to be an emotional aspect
to this ability to communicate with other sentient beings, which I think women may have an advantage at.

Aside: creatures that are not sophisticated enough to have an individual brain & mind, may have a "collective"
mind and intelligence/awareness, as in a colony of ants or a bee hive. Case in point: one of the
women above moved into a house and the ants came in & even into her refrigerator. She communicated
to them that they must leave or she'd spray them. They must NOT return and in kind, she would feed them
but outside. The next day they were completely gone from the inside of the house! She fed them outside
and they did not return inside her house. A bit mind blowing. I do not think that she even thought that
this would work. But it did. The world is Much more mysterious than we think. We really know so very little.
"To believe nothing (without real evidence) and am prepared to believe anything (with real evidence)."
Only verifiable Facts should determine the breadth of our reality, not baseless/unconfirmed theories,
regardless of how many people believe them. Truth is NOT a democratic principle. If ten people believe
a Truth and 300 million do not, the ten are right, NOT the 300 million. "Normalcy" is a different matter.

I'm not assuming that you will or should accept these narratives as "verified" facts, but be open to their
possibility, which I hope most will pursue vigorously, and find their own validations.

WATCH --> Youtube video:
"I Talk to Animals" Documentary of Samantha Khury, Animal Communicator

The greatest limitation on man's abilities are his own preconceived ideas of what
he can do & what he can NOT do, as if we already know this, which we do NOT! These
preconceived Notions regarding man's abilities stems from his fallacious belief that
he (or his society) is ALL knowing, which he (it) is NOT. The world around us is so much
more complex/mysterious than we can either conceive or perceive without altering these false
beliefs about what is or what is possible. This we can NOT determine a priori, by deductive
reasoning. This we MUST discovered empirically with an open mind. The only way that man can
discover what he does NOT currently know is to let go of what he thinks that he already knows"
(and yet may NOT really know) and discover what really "is", which can not be known in advance.
This is merely the necessary process of growth/learning. When any man thinks that he knows everything,
then he has learned all that he will ever know, as he has ceased the process of "learning".
Sad to say, but this is almost a human trait, but it is not a necessary one.
Mankind advances only because a small subset of men do not fall victim to this tendency.
That is NOT to say that More/Many can't avoid this tendency, should they so choose.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand,
while imagination embraces the entire world,
and all there ever will be to know and understand." -- Albert Einstein

"However, (unfettered) knowledge empowers imagination."

There was an Italian physicist that wrote a book about 30 years ago where she claimed that there was a significant amount of the world around us that we can not perceive. As I did not personally know of this book at that time and have not read it, I do not know the exact percentage that she attributed into this class of the world around us, of which we have NO direct knowledge. It's not relevant, as after the subsequent 25+ years of study/examination, we now have a much greater understanding of what she was alluding to. We now know that we can perceive less than one percent of the world around us. Meaning that at least 99+% is unperceived & unknown directly to us. Yet we still persist in the "belief" that we know the world around us, a belief which I'd call self delusion. If you think about our supposed five senses require either direct contact with a substance to either feel, taste and almost a near direct contact with which to smell it, as the particles that carry it's odor has to enter into our nostrils to discern it. That is near direct contract again. We can see & hear a bit further but not really very far with clarity without sophisticated optics or similar magnifications. Reflected light enters our eye, which send signals to our brain that gives us an inverted image of what is reflected from an object within a rather narrow band of visible light which is all our eyes can perceive, not the entire spectrum of light. But again, we think that we KNOW the world around us. The Truth is that we know only a very very small amount of the world around us, yet for us, that (subset, as small as it may be) is pretty much ALL of it. That concerns the empirical aspect of our world.

How all these perceptions are constructed into our theoretical concepts of the world are a bit more complex. Our theories of what the world is, we absorb from our society just as transparently as we breath air and learn language. It happens without thought, consideration or examination. We come to understand & accept these ideas of what reality is from those around us as children as we grow up. The conventional social views are often inaccurate, incomplete and hence can be false. Yet the majority of us never bring these concepts under our mental focus to either ask or answer the questions about their validity. Over time, we build up a varying degree of complex concepts about the world around us and every experience that we ever have is filtered through & into this labyrinth of ideas/concepts which our experience are filtered through, not all of which are True at best. This brings us back to what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was telling us through his literary vehicle of Sherlock Holmes. If we choose to live in the Real World (not that world that was presented to us by society as children), then we must be able to account for ALL known verifiable facts. In other words, we must adapt our Concepts of Knowledge/Reality to account for all known NEW knowledge, which in fact rarely happens in human practice. This Goal is almost NEVER accomplished, as people instead choose the comfort of convention/normalcy over the challenges of seeking Reality which can be more complex than most of us think or want to deal with. The proper consequence of a process that chooses knowledge of Reality over comfort should be to realize that our concepts of reality (Being) are Never fixed, but are constantly evolving as we learn more data (verifiable facts:" being"). "Settled/Fixed Science" is an Oxymoron. Science by it's very nature is always questioning and evolving, trying to improve it's understandings, as we realize our significant deficiencies, and attempt to make up for them.

If I were to give say 10,000 people "verified data" which does NOT fit into their "concepts" of reality, about 9,999 of them will not accept that data but will simply dismiss any/all verifiable data/facts as it appears to contradict their "view of reality". Instead of making the necessary adjustments to their Theory of Realty, they will just dismiss any & everything that does NOT mesh with their preconceived perhaps fictitious views of reality, as it would require too much effort to make any changes, and as they think that they already Know what Reality is in Total (which I attribute to arrogance, of the species, at a minimum). So please don't raise/make any waves ... or challenge those "conventional" views. What this really is saying is that people will almost always choose their own Comfort (conventionality) over the more challenging efforts of seeking a greater understanding of Reality (what the world is independent of us). This figure of 10,000 is not made up as I've tested this theory over many decades and this pattern is very consistent.

Science does NOT negate Religion. Nor does religion negate Science. Both should coexist and their apparent contradictions resolved in our quest to understand Reality in the broadest sense and live in the Real world (including an awareness of the Spiritual world) versus some of our rather fictionalized accounts of it. Any theory that we are the most superior beings on this planet is dubious at best. Whales brains are near 6 times larger than our own just as Elephants are 3+ times larger than ours. Yes they do not have the minute dexterity to construct & use tools as well as humans, but that alone doesn't not make them inferior, despite our long history of killing them and utilizing them for our purposes. And brain size alone does not determine our spiritual development/capacity. Nor does brain size or speed always determine intelligence, even in humans. It's not how much you have, but how well you use what you have and that applies to other species also. How are we better than any other species on this planet? In that we have the ability to destroy all the other species on this planet, which we are currently doing either by intent or by incompetence? Conceptual Hierarchies only exists within our minds. There are NO such constructs independent of our opinions. Perhaps we are only superior in the realm of basic Machiavellian law, "might makes right". We are NO better in either our mental understandings or abilities or in our morality, which the human species seems to lack altogether in regards to all other species, minus perhaps our domestic pets to some small degree.

The Bible is written in an effort to urge man into spiritual understanding & moral behavior. It is NOT an encyclopedia of all knowledge nor is it an overall history book of all that has come before. Just because the Bible does dwell in depth about or address animal intelligence, awareness and their spirituality does not mean that these do not exist. St. Francis of Assisi demonstrated long ago the ability to communicate more deeply with & the ability to even negotiate with animals. If you study man over time, you may come to understand that his ability to communicate telepathically is primal to his very nature, but modern man has seemingly chosen to ignore & dismiss this ability, instead relying completely on spoken language and allowing these abilities to lie as latent or undeveloped if not completely dismissing them as fiction, which they are not. By not developing these abilities, man has failed to understand not only himself but the beings that share this planet with us. The loss is both ours & theirs (though not of their choice). Our co-inhabitants on this planet are suffering from our deficiencies, even to the point of their extinction, which is merely a prelude to our own.

Animal Communicator, Sharon Loy (Mini Documentary)

1) The Animal Communicator - (South African) Anna Breytenbach (Full documentary)
2) Interview with Anna Breytenbach (Interspecies Communication)

Research/Read & learn:
Animal Communication Tips -- Penelope Smith (one of the pioneers in this field)

Notes to myself about issues to discuss:

Just recently, I ran across a seemingly smart horse trainer (from his acent, I think he's a POME- "Prisoner of Her Majesty of England", who BTW is an Illuminati Witch ;-), but after listening to several of his videos, I ran across one that said "don't talk to your horses" as they ONLY communicate with body language. And I do NOT contest that Body Language is near the default means by which horses communicate with each other, but I do Contest that this is the ONLY means by which they can communicate with each other. But for this man, it appears to be the only way that he can communicate with them, as he has roped himself, tied himself up and now he can't progress. He's Stuck inside a rather limited world of his own choosing. I'd describe him as a disciple of the yearly horse whispers, who I look at as a grateful step forward. But NO single system ever has all the answers, period.

And this seems to be a good lead into Monty Roberts, who again is a grateful step forward from the more brutal training method exemplified by his father. Though NOT all trainers before Monty & his peers were of the same nature as his father (he's just an example). Lets take Mark Rashid, who was basically tricked by an old man into being taught much of what that old man had learned throughout his life and that he wanted passed on to future horse trainers. Where did that old man get this knowledge? He was taught by native American Indians while he was a young teenager on his father's ranch in the Northwestern US, well over a hundred years ago. Which seems to indicate that this more gentle technique of training is NOT really new. It may not have been the more general "common practice" technique, but it did exist and was used and probably has existed since very early times. I seriously doubt that the Greek horseman, which road bareback. broke horses like is generally believe about the American West, which used many horses at one time & at one location in dealing with their large herds of cattle. So they needed to take a large number of horses and make them as useful for work as quickly as possible. Not the best of circumstances and by no means should it ever have become a standard practice. Given that Monty's technique is much more gentle and is rather quickly done (as if that matters) it has grabbed a significant following. But is Monty's technique really all that gentle? I think NOT. And is it the best way to mold a horse into working with us on the basis of respect and equality. I think NOT. And this is why.

Many years ago, I tried an experiment where I raised a number of young horses with their mothers without hardly handling them and almost no hands on interaction. Some of the young horses (not all) became rather skittish and appeared to be afraid of humans, despite being fed by them every day. At one point, one needed Vet attention quickly, but I could not catch her. So I had her in a large arena and I somewhat chased and or induced her to run until I could catch her, not unlike Monty throwing his ropes at a horse until he can get them to Stop running. This took about the same amount of time that Monty's technique does. This was years before I ever heard of Monty, but the similarities are uncanny. I did not have the idea of using this method for any other purpose than the immediate task at hand, get a halter on her so I could move her into a paddock for the Vet. While there were other horses in this arena, this process only took about 45-50 minutes total, about the same amount of time that MR takes to get what he calls "join up" and what I call "submission".

Recently, after I ran into Mia Lykke Nielson's training techniques (her web site is her full name.com), I starting rethinking about MR's methods again based on my own experiences and while his technique does yield an outcome where the horse can be saddled & ridden quickly. I dispute his interpretation of what is actually occurring. The horse is NOT choosing to comply or "Join Up" as MR states. The horse is merely giving up and submitting to the will of a man after being bullied & chased around for nearly an hour. I have spent years working with horses & some very problematic young stallions and I dealt with them in the only manner that I knew at that time. As a result of this, I've come to witness how they react when put under pressure & stress. If you can image a herd of horses out on the range, the most passive act that any horse can engage in is having his head down to the ground and eating (grazing on grass). When a horse is really pressed and he's saying that "I submit", "I give up", "please leave me alone", he lowers his head and pretends to be grazing as this is the most passive act that any horse can display to another horse. "I am no threat, please just leave me alone." This is the total basis of what this particular body language is attempting to achieve. Body language is just what one horse displays to another horse to convey to another horse a message & elicit a desired reaction that they want to achieve, i.e. their desired effect. What MR achieves in this case is NOT "Joining up", it's "Giving UP". This is NOT done completely of their Freewill. The Horse is NOT free to just walk out of the arena. The horse has NO say whatsoever. It's totally a Captive. Then this technique is bullied/forced upon the horse until it's at the point of near total exhaustion & submission is the result, and that is exactly what's Wrong with this technique. Compliance "freely given" and complete submission are NOT nearly the same thing.

Lets look at the early approaches of Mark Rashid (this is from memory only as I have not read his books in at least a dozen years), which he learned from this old man. He would put some rather mild pressure on a horse or horses until they started to move/behave in a manner that he was trying to achieve. Once they began moving in the right direction, he lowered/remove the pressure, giving them a rest. Mark did NOT keep the pressure up/high until he got his full/final desired end result. He moved slowly in calculated steps. Rome was NOT built in a day and neither was what Mark was trying to achieve. It was methodical and step by step. That is the Difference in these two techniques. Monty does NOT let up until he gets his final desired result, Total Submission. That is NOT a partnership, nor is it "Joining UP". It is Submission, plain & simple. Is it physically brutal to the point that the horse is physically damaged? Probably Not to a horse in good condition, but it is quite physically demanding/draining. And it is psychologically brutal in that the horse is Bullied first into total Exhaustion & ONLY then into total Submission. You can wear a horse down so that it can barely stand up in less than one hour (on average it takes only 45-50 minutes), which is just about the same time that it takes Monty to achieve his end result: horses gives up, is saddled & a very tired/exhausted horse is then ridden. In my view/opinion, this is NOT an acceptable methodology. And the reasons are obvious. Is it better than throwing a saddle on them and mounting/riding them into the ground (old West style)? Of course, but these are NOT the ONLY two options. Think about it. Mia only puts pressure on a horse when it refuses to let her touch it all over or refuses to follow her leads, at which point, she just sends the horse to it's room (a corner of the training area) where the horse can go and she let's it think about what they're doing. Any pressure is very brief, but she gets very good results with her patience, repetition & insight. Mia never does anything that will harm/hurt a horse in the least. Mia NEVER even uses a bit, which should tell you something. She does use a training whip, but it's only used as a pointer, blocker or popper (to make noise with), she never strikes a horse with it.

Let me translate what Mia means by "a Horse needs a leader". Our horses need to know what we want from them. Most are more than willing to work with us but what they need most from us is "Respect" and "Clarity" in our request/directions. Real Clarity is not always that easy. What they appreciate most from us is "Consideration" and "Kindness". If you can put ALL those together, then you're way ahead.

About the only things that I'd list for certain when it comes to working with horses "today" is:

- 1) Patience. You have to work on "Horse time" without watches, expectations, what happens happens and when it happens is when it happens, etc

- 2) The horse must remain within it's general "Comfort Zone", so that it remains in a state of thinking/learning. A stressed or tired horse is generally NO longer in their "comfort zone". When they leave their comfort zone for whatever reason, they are usually just reacting instinctively, but it's doubtful that they're thinking/learning a positive lesson. Call it a day and start again fresh on a new day.

[Working a horse that you're trying to teach/train into near total Exhaustion is Absurd, and it's contrary to both "human intelligence" and a horse's very nature. But good marketing (also called "Bullshitting") can sell a lot of Bullshit, "books" included.]

- 3) There are poor, good & better methods, but I don't think there are any real "Good" shortcuts, period. If you want the results, you have to put in the "effective" time necessary to achieve those desired results. Short cuts, just like drugs, always seem to have negative side effects.

There is NO such thing as "settled science" and the same applies to horses & training. It's best to Use your brains & keep an open mind

When you find an inherent consistency/synergy between several different training "methodologies" from independent sources, then you may be onto to some ideas that warrant further exploration. That's what I'm seeing between Scott Downs (source I believe is from Australia) & Parelli's seven games.

Note: Scott Downs

I ran into these videos by Scott Downs about 8 years ago and was somewhat struck by his very gentle yet thorough approach. I think that Scott has adapted some basic principles from someone else (I suspect Clint Anderson, an Australian, who I'm not all that impressed with) which Scott has made more gentle than they did. The first part where the horse is chased away briefly, I'm not quite as enamored with but it's still pretty mild and gently done, but there are some GOOD ideas within these few videos. Scott is starting a young horse from the very beginning into being saddled & ridden. I did not include one video (first ride) where he's working with someone more in the C.Anderson venue, which I regard more in the "domination" school vs being more respectful of horses.

Just Cut & Paste these into your browser until I have time to fully set these up.

Day 1 - SCEA Rescue Horse - Round Pen Training
Day 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQcg5zR-uZk
Day 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nES2Lxj6Dtc
Day 4 a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjRYxyMy-d0
Day 4 b https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojqsLwryte4
Day 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVNbjYCWF2M
Day 6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAanGzFhxts
Day 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeguCqS4YiY
Day 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jvz-340rOA
Day 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr_cq42BtH0
Riding 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2Oom-ZA_FM
Riding 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abz2mhSCDE4
Riding 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHi7YGCKlgE
Trail ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kSCOpAkNFU

This is not a bad video either: Problem Horses - Spooking (Really just lacking respect)