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Laki & Panda's litter has arrived. mid November, 2006.
Of the Six Puppies, four are males and two are females.
This was Panda's last litter.

HISTORIC Data only now.

Class is about to start ... is everyone paying attention?!? ;-)

What to expect from this litter? Here's an example, Galsi!
Galsi is today, as he always has been. He's just a "Happy Boy!".
He jumps up on my recliner, lays on my chest and licks my nose.

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Miss July ... Icelandic Sheepdog calender ... :-)

This is Panda, a short haired Icelandic Sheepdog.
Of the three types, she is perhaps the rarest, a short haired long legged hunting dog.
Source: Islenshi fjar hundurinn (The Icelandic Sheepdog), Gisli Palsson
She has demonstrated that she can track very well while in Colorado.
Panda has long fangs, such that they pass completely beneth her lower jaw.
Panda is tall and long legged for an Icelandic female. weighs between 35-38lb.
She is totally fearless, an alpha female type. She loves belly rubs and is quite affectionate.
She was the first Icelandic Sheepdog in the state of Texas (1999). Rosie was the second (2000).

Siamese Icelandics :-)
Rosie and Panda, half sisters. Both are short haired.
Rosie is built like tank, very stout, no fat, fast on foot, loves to chase anything ... ;-)
She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever known, and totally blissful.
She weighs about 36-38lbs most of the time.

Laki, a young male (born 9/05) arrived from Canada, March 28th, 2006.
Auðurs Laki, a new family member.
Laki is well over 2 years old and he's still a very playful puppy. :-)
Laki is tall with long legs with a lean build, all muscle, only 31 lbs,
and still eatting puppy food, as he burns it all off.
His legs are so strong, it's like he defies gravity and he's very fast.
Only Alushka can almost keep up with him. She's like a bullet.
Laki has been PennHIP X-rayed (11/06)... the Doc said that "he was as tight as he could be." :-)
That's not quantitative, but cute.

PennHIP DI scores: right - 0.32; left - 0.26, with an average of only 0.29

"The median DI for this group is 0.50."
"in relation to all CANINE animals of the ICELANDIC SHEEPDOG breed in our database.
This result means that 1) your animal's hips are tighter than approximately 100% of
this group of animals (alternatively, 0% of the group has tighter hips than your animal),"

Interpretation: Laki is one of the tightest Icelandic Sheepdog that PennHIP has evaluated!!!

Laki, keeping an eye on me ...

No dogs, other than ours, will be brought upon our property. Thank you.

Lukka in tolt...nice lift :-)

Pictures are posted. NONE are now left.

For individual pictures, please click on the following links of each puppy.

JoeCool (aka JoJo) has more personality than any puppy should be entitled to have. ;-)

the gang wondering what Alushka has ... JoJo, Bandit, Soti(behind), Tappi, Star, SnowFox & Lukka

More of Soti's transformation to a more sable shade ... what sweet/tender eyes!

What a good looking Tappi,
a little over five months old.

Princess Star, beginning to show tan patches on her face, ears, and legs ...
You can see some in her right ear and on the side of her face (right side)
She is a very sweet little girl with striking refined features, as a Princess :-)

Star says ...
"Pugs make great pillows"!!! ;-)
"I especially like their soft rumps!
Sometimes you have to turn them over, but luckily Pugs are one of the few dogs that can sleep face down!!!"

Panda's puppies (first litter), NO longer available. Second litter is coming!!!

Five healthy little puppies, two mostly white with black, two mostly black with white (one male, one female),
one a harmonious blend (Orka, male). Picture taken with they were but an hour or so old.
Four Puppies are available to a good home.
The official count is two females and three males.

For individual pictures, click on the following links of each puppy.
More pictures will be posted periodically.

Ansel has a sweet personality & looks quite a bit like his dad Kari, definitely a tri-colored puppy.

Kira trying out some lugage for the flight to Finland. She was told to find a crate that opens on the top. ;-)

Pretty LoneStar Kira, now in Finland ... sure isn't Texas with all that snow :-)

LoneStar Krunur, now in Finland ... what a pretty boy!!!

LoneStar Orka, now in Flordia ... just as beautiful as Krunur!!! :-)

Sweet little Alushka checking out the back yard ... she loves water,
I looked over yesterday (8/11/06) and she was grinning at me, standing in a horse trough (1' high)
cooling off, as it was about 100F.

Sweet little innocent Orka isn't really chewing on my moccasin. ;-) ... my favorite little attack puppy!!!

Orka at the Austin airport meeting his new owner. Maria got the sweetest little boy. ;-)

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