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Icelandic Saddles
& German bits

Galdur, Herm Sprenger bits

Sjoli (stallion)
frá LoneStar

Mares (9) &
Breeding Stallions

Bred Offspring (25)
Sjö ♀

Cute/Cool pics ;-)

Icelandic Sheepdogs

[Horse Training]

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The More Gentle
Mia Nielson
"When Horses Choose" Click on this heading on her site & see lots of content below. See herYoutube Video1

Mary Wanless
"For the Good of the Horse"

How to Ride?
See Sylvia Loch an excellent teacher!
"The Classical Seat" & "Invisible Riding" "The Balanced Horse" & @ Amazon

Monty Roberts
(NOT supported, read "Comments")


Stefnir (stallion)
frá Staðartungu

Only You are responsible for your Health!
Educate yourself!
If you're musically inclinded! Gregor Hilden (German blues guitarist)!!

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